Dallas 3 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in. Wrought Iron Prehung Front Door Main Layout Photo

Dallas 3 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in. Wrought Iron Prehung Front Door

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The 3/0x6/8 Dallas Exterior Wrought Iron Door is a visually appealing and highly functional entry door that combines the classic elegance of black wrought iron with the practicality of glass panels. The door is designed with a timeless aesthetic, featuring a black wrought iron frame that surrounds four rectangular glass panels. Each glass panel is divided into smaller square panes using black iron dividers, creating an attractive pattern.

The glass panels are frosted to ensure privacy while still allowing light to pass through, creating a warm and inviting entrance. This balance between privacy and natural light makes it an excellent choice for front doors. The door is prehung, which means it comes with the frame already attached and ready for installation. The frame, also made of black wrought iron, includes a threshold and weatherstripping to enhance energy efficiency and prevent drafts and moisture from entering the home.

Constructed with 14-gauge iron, the door is durable and secure, providing long-lasting protection. The in-swing design allows the door to open inward, facilitating easy entry and exit. The water cubic glass is specifically designed for this door, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing its overall visual appeal.

For convenience and maintenance, the glass panels are designed to open, allowing for easy cleaning and ventilation. The dual pane glass further enhances insulation and soundproofing properties. The door features a 2"x6" jamb, providing stability and structural integrity.

To improve energy efficiency, the door is spray foam insulated, minimizing heat transfer and helping to maintain a comfortable interior environment. The one-piece frame, which comes included, adds to the door's structural integrity and simplifies the installation process.

Dallas 3 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in. Wrought Iron Prehung Front Door

  • Classic design with a black wrought iron frame
  • Four rectangular glass panels with smaller square panes and black iron dividers
  • Frosted glass for privacy while allowing light to pass through
  • Prehung door with frame included for easy installation
  • Black wrought iron frame with threshold and weatherstripping to prevent drafts and moisture
  • 14-gauge iron construction for durability and security
  • In-swing design for convenient entry and exit
  • Water cubic glass specifically designed for this door
  • Glass panels open for easy cleaning and ventilation
  • Dual pane glass for enhanced insulation and soundproofing
  • 2"x6" jamb for stability and structural integrity
  • Spray foam insulation for improved energy efficiency
  • One-piece frame included for added structural integrity
  • Available for nationwide shipping or pickup from the showroom in Dallas, TX

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