Cielo 6 ft. x 8 ft. Wrought Iron Prehung Front Double Door

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The Cielo 6/0x8/0 Wrought Iron Prehung Front Double Door is a durable and stylish entryway option designed for residential or commercial use. Constructed from 14-gauge iron, this door offers exceptional strength and security. It features an in-swing configuration, allowing it to open inwardly.

One of the notable features of this double door is the glass panel, which is designed to open for easy cleaning and ventilation purposes. The dual pane glass provides insulation and helps in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. The water cubic design adds to the aesthetic appeal of the door.

The door set includes two doors, both of which can be opened. However, only one of the doors has a double bore, specifically designed to accommodate the door handle. This design provides convenience for users while maintaining a symmetrical appearance.

The Stella double door is 2 inches thick, ensuring durability and sturdiness. It is spray foam insulated, which helps with energy efficiency and sound insulation. The door is resistant to rotting and warping, making it suitable for various weather conditions and ensuring long-lasting performance.

The door set comes with a one-piece frame that includes a fully integrated threshold. This integrated design ensures structural integrity and simplifies installation. The total overall dimensions, including the frame, measure 74.5 inches in width and 98 inches in height.

Cielo 6/0x8/0 Wrought Iron Prehung Front Double Door

  • Material: 14 Gauge iron
  • Configuration: In-swing
  • Glass Panel: Opens for easy cleaning and ventilation
  • Door Handle: Double bore on one door, allowing both doors to open
  • Water Cubic Design: Enhances aesthetic appeal
  • Glass: Dual pane for insulation
  • Jamb Size: 2" x 6"
  • Door Thickness: 2"
  • Insulation: Spray foam insulated
  • Durability: Will not rot or warp
  • Frame: One piece frame with fully integrated threshold included
  • Overall Dimensions (including frame): 74.5" x 98"

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