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6ft. x 8ft. 6 Lite Double Wrought Iron Door

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The 6 Lite Double Wrought Iron Door is a high-quality door designed for durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. It is constructed using 14-gauge iron, ensuring strength and resilience. The door is fully insulated with spray foam, providing excellent thermal efficiency and preventing heat transfer.

This double door features an in-swing design, allowing it to be opened towards the interior of the building. It is equipped with dual pane glass, which not only enhances the door's visual appeal but also offers improved insulation and soundproofing properties. The glass panels can be opened for easy cleaning and to promote ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate within the space.

The dimensions of the door include a 2"x6" jamb, providing stability and structural integrity. The door itself measures 2" in thickness, further enhancing its strength and security. The overall dimensions, when considering the frame, are 74.5" x 98", providing a substantial and imposing presence.

Included with the door is a one-piece frame that features a fully integrated threshold. This integrated design ensures a seamless and secure fit, preventing drafts and enhancing the door's overall performance. The threshold also adds to the door's aesthetic appeal, providing a cohesive and polished look.

One of the doors is equipped with a double bore, allowing for the installation of a door handle or lock. This feature provides convenience and ease of access when opening the door from either side.

The 6 Lite Double Wrought Iron Door is designed to withstand various weather conditions and is resistant to rotting or warping. Its sturdy construction and durable materials ensure long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

For convenience, this door can be shipped nationwide or picked up directly from the showroom located in Dallas, TX. Whether it's for residential or commercial purposes, this double wrought iron door offers a combination of elegance, functionality, and security.

6 Lite Double Wrought Iron Door

  • Material: 14 gauge iron
  • Design: In-swing
  • Glass: Dual pane, opens for easy cleaning and ventilation
  • Jamb: 2"x6"
  • Door Thickness: 2"
  • Insulation: Spray foam insulated
  • Durability: Will not rot or warp
  • Frame: One-piece frame with fully integrated threshold included
  • Overall Dimensions (including frame): 74.5" x 98"

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