6 ft. x 8 ft. Mahogany Prehung Front Double Door Modern 8 Lite  Main Layout Photo

6 ft. x 8 ft. Mahogany Prehung Front Double Door Modern 8 Lite

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The 6/0x8/0 Mahogany Prehung Front Door with a Modern 8 Lite design offers a warm and inviting entryway to your home. Crafted from solid core wood, this door provides excellent durability and insulation properties. The door is prehung, meaning it comes preassembled with a jamb, ready for installation.

The Mahogany frame is included with the door, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. The door and frame are unfinished, allowing you the flexibility to stain or paint them to match your preferred style and decor.

Featuring a modern 8 lite frosted tempered glass design, the door allows natural light to enter while maintaining privacy. The frosted tempered glass adds an elegant touch to the overall appearance of the door.

The door itself has a thickness of 1-3/4", providing sturdiness and strength. The accompanying jamb measures 4-9/16" in width, ensuring a proper fit and stability during installation.

For added convenience, the door comes with a standard double bore, allowing for easy installation of a door handle and lockset. However, upon request, a single bore can be provided instead.

The dimensions of each door are 36 inches in width and 96 inches in height. When considering the overall dimensions, including the frame, the door measures 74 1/2 inches in width and 98 inches in height.

To enhance the door's visual appeal, you have the option to choose between satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze hinges and threshold finishes. This enables you to customize the door's hardware to complement your personal style and preferences.

6/0x8/0 Mahogany Prehung Front Double Door Modern 8 Lite

  • Material: Solid core wood
  • Design: Modern 8 Lite with frosted tempered glass
  • Frame: Mahogany frame included
  • Finish: Unfinished (can be stained or painted)
  • Door Thickness: 1-3/4"
  • Jamb Width: 4-9/16"
  • Bore: Standard double bore (single bore available upon request)
  • Door Dimensions: 36" x 96"
  • Overall Dimensions (with frame): 74 1/2" x 98"
  • Hardware Options: Satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze hinges and threshold
  • Assembly: Prehung double door with preassembled jamb
  • Customization: Can be stained, painted, or clear coated
  • Insulation: Provides excellent insulation properties
  • Privacy: Frosted tempered glass maintains privacy while allowing natural light
  • Durability: Solid core wood construction ensures durability and strength

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