3 ft. x8 ft. Craftsman Exterior Mahogany Door Slab 8 Lite Main Layout Photo

3 ft. x8 ft. Craftsman Exterior Mahogany Door Slab 8 Lite

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The 36x96 in Craftsman Exterior Mahogany Door Slab with 8 Lite design offers a stylish and functional entryway solution for your home. Crafted from high-quality mahogany, this door slab provides durability and aesthetic appeal.

The door slab is available with a choice between Flemish or clear tempered glass, allowing you to customize the look and level of privacy according to your preferences. Whether you prefer the textured appearance of Flemish glass or the clear and transparent nature of tempered glass, this door slab has options to suit your needs.

Please note that the mahogany frame and bore hole are not included with the door slab. This allows for greater flexibility during installation, as you can select or customize a frame and bore hole that best fits your existing doorway.

With a thickness of 1-3/4", this door slab offers sturdiness and insulation for your home. The thick construction ensures enhanced security and helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment by reducing drafts and noise transmission.

As an unfinished door, this slab provides versatility in terms of the final appearance. It can be stained to showcase the natural beauty of the mahogany grain, painted to match your desired color scheme, or clear coated to retain a natural and elegant look while providing protection against the elements.

36x96 in Craftsman Exterior Mahogany Door Slab 8 Lite


  • Dimensions: 36x96 inches
  • Door design: Craftsman style
  • Material: Mahogany
  • Glass options:
    • Flemish
    • Clear tempered glass
  • Frame and bore hole: Not included
  • Thickness: 1-3/4 inches
  • Finish: Unfinished
  • Finishing options:
    • Stain
    • Paint
    • Clear coat
  • Versatile for customization and personalization
  • Provides durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Offers enhanced security and insulation
  • Suitable for exterior use

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