3 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in. Exterior Mahogany Door Without glass Main Layout Photo

3 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in. Exterior Mahogany Door Without glass

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The Single Prehung Mahogany Door without Glass is a premium entry door crafted from solid core wood, designed to welcome nature and provide maximum privacy. This door features a bullet design without any glass panels, ensuring a high level of confidentiality. It comes prehung and includes a preassembled jamb, making installation convenient and efficient.

The door is constructed with a solid core made of high-quality mahogany wood, which offers excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. The use of solid core wood also enhances the door's sound insulation properties, providing a quieter and more peaceful environment inside the home.

The door's surface is left unfinished, allowing for customization according to personal preferences. It can be stained, painted, or clear coated to match the desired aesthetic of the home or to achieve a specific design concept. This versatility in finishing options enables homeowners to create a unique and personalized look for their entryway.

To further customize the door, you can choose between satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze finishes for the hinges and threshold. This selection ensures that the hardware complements the overall style and decor of the home.

The door is assembled in-house, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. It comes standard with a double bore or can be customized to have a single bore, depending on your specific requirements. The double bore allows for the installation of a lockset and deadbolt, providing enhanced security for your home.

With dimensions of 1-3/4 inches in thickness, the door offers robustness and stability. The overall dimensions, including the frame, measure 37 3/4 inches in width and 82 3/4 inches in height. These dimensions make it suitable for standard entryway openings.

3 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in. Exterior Mahogany Door Without glass

  • Material: Solid core wood (Mahogany)
  • Privacy: Bullet design without glass
  • Door Type: Prehung door with preassembled jamb
  • Finishing Options: Can be stained, painted, or clear coated
  • Hardware Options: Satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze hinges and threshold
  • Customization: Double bore standard, single bore available upon request
  • Assembly: In-house assembly for quality craftsmanship
  • Door Thickness: 1-3/4 inches
  • Overall Dimensions (with frame): 37 3/4 inches (width) x 82 3/4 inches (height)
  • Surface Finish: Unfinished (ready for staining or painting)

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