3 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in. Exterior Mahogany Door Slab Modern 4 Lite Main Layout Photo

3 ft. x 6 ft. 8 in. Exterior Mahogany Door Slab Modern 4 Lite

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Product Description

The door slab has a thickness of 1-3/4 inches, providing a sturdy and robust structure. It does not include a frame or any bore holes, allowing for customization based on individual requirements. This feature enables the door to be seamlessly integrated into various architectural styles and door frames.

One distinguishing feature of this door is its modern 4 Lite design. The door is equipped with clear or frosted glass options, adding a contemporary touch to its overall appearance. The glass panels are strategically placed, allowing natural light to filter into the interior while maintaining privacy.

As an unfinished door, it provides the flexibility to be stained or painted according to personal preferences and the desired aesthetic. This allows homeowners or contractors to match the door to the overall design theme of the building or create a customized look.

It is important to note that this product includes only the door slab itself. It does not come with a frame or any bore holes pre-drilled, so the installation process requires additional components and expertise. The absence of pre-drilled holes provides the opportunity for precise customization of handle and lock placements based on individual needs.

36x80 in. Exterior Mahogany Door Slab | Modern 4 Lite

  • Door Thickness: 1-3/4 in
  • Door Type: Slab only (Frame not included)
  • Glass Options: Clear or frosted
  • Bore Holes: Not included
  • Material: Mahogany wood
  • Finish: Unfinished (Can be stained or painted)
  • Design: Modern 4 Lite with strategically placed glass panels
  • Size: 36x80 inches
  • Suitable for: Exterior use
  • Customization: Can be stained or painted to match desired aesthetic
  • Installation: Requires separate frame and bore hole drilling

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