Ivy 3 ft. x 8 ft. Wrought Iron Prehung Front Door Main Layout Photo

Ivy 3 ft. x 8 ft. Wrought Iron Prehung Front Door

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The Ivy 3/0x8/0 Wrought Iron Prehung Front Door is a top-quality, single wrought iron door designed for durability and functionality. Constructed with 14 gauge iron, this door offers excellent strength and resistance to external forces. Its insulating properties ensure energy efficiency and provide a comfortable indoor environment.

Featuring an in-swing design, the Ivy door is engineered to open inward for easy access. Additionally, the door is equipped with dual pane glass, allowing for optimal ventilation and effortless cleaning. The glass panel can be opened to allow fresh air to circulate and to simplify the cleaning process, ensuring the door maintains its pristine appearance.

To facilitate installation, the door comes with a one-piece 2x6 frame, which provides structural integrity and stability. The inclusion of a 2" door and a 2"x6" jamb enhances the door's robustness, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions and maintain its functionality over time.

The door is also equipped with spray foam insulation, which enhances its energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer. This insulation helps to create a more thermally balanced environment while reducing energy costs. Additionally, the insulation's properties make the door resistant to rotting and warping, ensuring its longevity and durability.

With its overall dimensions of 39.5" x 98" (including the frame), the Ivy 3/0x8/0 Wrought Iron Prehung Front Door is suitable for a variety of residential or commercial applications. It can be shipped nationwide or picked up directly from the showroom located in Dallas, TX, providing convenience and accessibility to customers throughout the country.

Ivy 3/0x8/0 Wrought Iron Prehung Front Door

  • Material: 14 gauge iron
  • Design: In-swing
  • Glass: Dual pane, opens for easy cleaning and ventilation
  • Frame: One-piece 2x6 frame included
  • Dimensions: 2" door thickness
  • Jamb Size: 2"x6"
  • Insulation: Spray foam insulated for energy efficiency
  • Durability: Will not rot or warp
  • Overall Dimensions (including frame): 39.5" x 98"
  • Shipping: Nationwide delivery or pick-up available from showroom in Dallas, TX

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