5 ft. 9 in. x 6 ft. 8 in. Mahogany Prehung Front Door with Texas Star Leaded Glass And Two Sidelites

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The 5/9x6/8 Mahogany Prehung Front Door with Texas Star Leaded Glass and Two Sidelites is a high-quality and durable entry door designed to bring a touch of nature to your home. The door is constructed using solid core wood, ensuring its strength and longevity.

The door is prehung, which means it comes already mounted on a preassembled jamb, simplifying the installation process. The jamb has a width of 4-9/16 inches, providing a secure and stable frame for the door. The entire assembly can be stained, painted, or clear coated according to your preferences.

For added customization, you can choose between satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze for the hinges and threshold, allowing you to match your door's hardware to your desired aesthetic. The hinges and threshold are designed to be durable and functional, ensuring smooth operation and long-lasting performance.

The door measures 36x80 inches, making it suitable for standard entryways. It has a thickness of 1-3/4 inches, providing excellent insulation and security. The door features a beautiful Texas Star Leaded Glass design, which adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your home's entrance. Additionally, the door comes with two sidelites, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

It's important to note that this is an unfinished door, meaning it does not have any coating or finish applied. This allows you to customize the appearance of the door by staining or painting it according to your desired color and style. However, it's essential to keep in mind that being a solid wood door, it may exhibit natural variations in grain and color, which adds to its authentic and rustic charm.

The door is assembled in-house, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. It comes standard with a double bore, which refers to the pre-drilled holes for the lockset and deadbolt. However, upon request, a single bore option is available for those who prefer a different locking mechanism.

5/9x6/8 Mahogany Prehung Front Door With Texas Star Leaded Glass And Two Sidelites

  • Material: Solid core wood (Mahogany)
  • Door Size: 36x80 inches
  • Door Thickness: 1-3/4 inches
  • Jamb Width: 4-9/16 inches
  • Glass Design: Texas Star Leaded Glass
  • Sidelites: Two
  • Finish: Unfinished (Can be stained or painted)
  • Hardware Options: Satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze
  • Hinge Type: Standard (Based on hardware option chosen)
  • Threshold Type: Satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze (Based on hardware option chosen)
  • Assembly: Prehung door with preassembled jamb
  • Bore: Standard double bore (Single bore available upon request)
  • Natural Variation: Yes (Due to being a solid wood door)
  • Customization: Can be stained, painted, or clear coated
  • Installation: Suitable for standard entryways

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